AXIS Latest Issue What's New 

AXIS vol.164 on sale!

Cover interview Oki Sato, nendo (more...)

from the World What's New 

Searching for quintessential souvenirs for the 21st century —The European Home Run Design Competition

“Vienna Playing Cards” by Studio Formafantasma  Unexpected designs such as a bentwood chair by Thonet and architecture by Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffman of Vienna Studio. (more...)

AXIS Latest Issue What's New 

AXIS vol.163 on sale!

Cover interview Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab (more...)

competition What's New 


Kokuyo Design Award 2013, One of the biggest design competitions in Japan, is calling for entry until June 28th. (more...)

award What's New 

The Design for Asia Award calling for entry

The Design for Asia Award (DFAA) , which is the flagship programme of Hong Kong Design Center, is calling for entry until June 30. (more...)

architecture What's New 

China Wood Sculpture Museum by MAD Architects

On April 9th, MAD Architects unveiled the completed China Wood Sculpture Museum located in Harbin, China. (more...)

What's New 

A new step forward in establishing Design Museum Japan

A topic that has been discussed on and off ever since designer Issey Miyake made the proposal in national newspapers about a decade ago is now starting to show some new movement. (more...)

Creators' work and Soul What's New 

Dan Alexander, Designer

Quantum design treats the inner rather than the outer life of a brand. (more...)

AXIS Latest Issue What's New 

AXIS vol.162 on sale!

Cover interview Yasuhiro Suzuki, artist (more...)

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Designers on AXIS cover 9 Richard Hutten

The Prototype Archive

The Prototype Archive 9 Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo  Display of Sunlight through the Leaves (2006 -)

The book review leads to creation

The book review leads to creation 11 Arte come mestiere (Design as Art) / A book review by designer Naoto Fukasawa