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Searching for the ultimate “motion through designs,” Sugatsune's Motion Design Tech

Sugatsune is a hardware maker that was established in East Kanda, Tokyo, in 1930. Not only do they make hardware for furniture and interiors, they also provide hinges, (more...)

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Shops by Tord Boontje and Paul Cocksedge

A Tord Boontje design studio/shop opened its doors in East London at the end of April. (more...)

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Lightweight everyday running shoes ASICS 33

ASICS33 are lightweight, everyday running shoes developed by ASICS America, and are named for the 33 joints in the human foot from ankle to toes. (more...)


GE WattStation by fuseproject

The GE Wattstaion is an electric vehicle charging station for public and private spaces designed by fuseproject. (more...)


JIDA Standard Samples series

Japan Industrial Designers’ Association (JIDA) published the standard sample book series for designers and students. (more...)

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GLOBAL knives, handmade quality products to the world

[caption id="attachment_863" align="alignnone" width="580" caption="Knives from GLOBAL are favored by professional chefs. Yoshikin's shop in AXIS Building (left). "][/caption] The AXIS Building came into being in 1981 in Roppongi, Tokyo. We have famous knives' shop Yoshikin in 2nd floor, well known for "GLOBAL" brand. (more...)

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AXIS magazine archives
designers on AXIS cover

Designers on AXIS cover 9 Richard Hutten

The Prototype Archive

The Prototype Archive 9 Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo  Display of Sunlight through the Leaves (2006 -)

The book review leads to creation

The book review leads to creation 11 Arte come mestiere (Design as Art) / A book review by designer Naoto Fukasawa