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Communicate your message at Axis's new rental space Symposia

Symposia is a small, 100 ㎡ multipurpose white space on the B1 floor of AXIS Building. (more...)

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A guide to AXIS Gallery

AXIS Gallery was launched in 1981 to help form part of an "axis"-a central hub to which other parts are connected-for design. (more...)

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AXIS Comic Storytelling event “Karoku Seasoning”

AXIS organize the 2nd Rakugo (the Japanese traditional comic storytelling) event "Karoku Seasoning" on February 10th, and we will feature the famous Rakugoka (comic storyteller), Karoku Yanagiya. (more...)

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101st Anniversary Works-in-Progress for Mihoya Glass

101st Anniversary Works-in-Progress for Mihoya Glass exhibition started today in AXIS Gallery. (more...)

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Creative talk session in AXIS gallery

On June 25 and 30, we had events titled “Creative talk session in AXIS gallery.”In this series, we arrange a unique pair of speakers, and would like to stimulate participant’s creativity by a big discussion. (more...)

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AXIS magazine archives
designers on AXIS cover

Designers on AXIS cover 9 Richard Hutten

The Prototype Archive

The Prototype Archive 9 Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo  Display of Sunlight through the Leaves (2006 -)

The book review leads to creation

The book review leads to creation 11 Arte come mestiere (Design as Art) / A book review by designer Naoto Fukasawa