About placing an ad on AXIS magazine.

Please download the PDF data of the media guide .

AXIS media guide(English)

See below for fees regarding placing a web advertisement on jiku, the official website of the design magazine AXIS (AXIS Inc. Information Planning Group).

Jiku basic web advertisement rates

Side banner
Banner size 300pixel×90pixel
150,000 yen/month, 40,000 yen/week
* Submit your banner in data format

Harf banner
Banner size 140pixel×45pixel
100,000 yen/month, 25,000 yen/week
* Submit your banner in data format

TOP9 + article tie-up (includes production cost)
400,000 yen/month

Pick up + article tie-up (includes production cost)
300,000 yen/month
* Additional fees will be charged for coverage over multiple visits or involving long-distance travel, and when such expenditures as honorariums are required.
* The display format is a blog format. Additional fees will be charged when using HTML format and/or Flash in a separate window.

—Submit your banner 3 days prior to renewing it.
—AXIS Inc. reserves the right to refuse any client or advertisement content that is deemed unsuitable for this site.
—AXIS Inc. assumes no responsibility whatsoever regarding legal troubles or copyright infringements arising from the advertisement contents on this site.


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