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Design Magazine AXIS has been renovated.
In 1981, AXIS Inc. opened the AXIS Building and the magazine to bring our society the living with design. Since the establishment, we has continued the activity to bring the creative lifestyle supported by people interested in the design worldwide.
Nowadays our society and the role of design have been changing rapidly. To capture new trends and evolve ourselves, AXIS has decided to renovate our magazine.


A vast space that is the sky spreads above us. The utilization of this space that is also connected to the rest of the world and even outer space is on the verge of a new age thanks to the advancement of technology. Ideas that have been considered as belonging to the world of science fiction, such as flying cars and mega-structures with hanging gardens, are being realized one after another due to technological innovation. The use of drones combined with image recognition and artificial intelligence is attracting attention as the driving force for new innovations in various industries. To what kind of future is the sky? where diverse knowledge and ideas are being exchanged?guiding us? Introduced in this issue are new designs of the age of grand aviation where it is not dreams or imagination but humankind itself that soars?

A one-on-one discussion
 Kazuhiko Hachiya (media artist)
 Takahiro Inagawa (CEO at Interstellar Technologies)
Designing the future of the sky – Startups in Israel
What’s the potential of the flying Dolphin Tail Drone
 Kotaro Sabe (CTO at Aerosense Inc.)
Innovation of the “heavens”
 Ma Yansong, a leader of the Chinese architectural world
The final frontier of humankind – A portrait of the future

and more

Muneaki Masuda (CEO of Culture Convenience Club)

Sci Tech File
Possibilities in molecular robotics being opened up using DNA origami

Little Sun by Olafur Eliasson
A project to connect the global community with action on climate change

Olafur Eliasson is a world-renowned artist, but not everyone knows that he co-founded a company called Little Sun in 2012 that produces yellow, flower-shaped solar lamps. During his concluding speech at Design Indaba held in South Africa in March of this year, a performance unfolded throughout the venue with the entire audience holding Little Sun lamps.

Starting up a design lab that connects Tokyo and London
Conveying cutting-edge technology to society

Members with potential in design and engineering from Britain’s Royal College of Art visited the University of Tokyo. They made prototype models based on cutting-edge technology found at the University of Tokyo as a foothold for a “design lab” launched by the two universities. How will the lab fuse science, design, and engineering?

Designing physical experiences that transcend VR/AR
A realistic future shown by Sony at SXSW

South by Southwest (SXSW) held in Austin, Texas every year in March started as an indie labels music festival in 1987 and has evolved into a platform where innovators and creators gather from all over the world. In addition to over 1,200 sessions and over 1,000 live performances, trade shows by individual corporations and nations as well as presentations by startups are held for a span of ten days. One company that demonstrated its presence this year was Sony.

Charmed by the light of pre-modern eras
MOA Museum of Art renewal project by Hiroshi Sugimoto (NMRL)

The MOA Museum of Art in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture reopened after almost a year of large-scale renovations. The architectural firm, New Material Research Laboratory (NMRL), led by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto and architect Tomoyuki Sakakida, proposed the space design concept and supervised its design. We delved into the initiative by Sugimoto and others to recreate pre-modern light witnessed by such figures as Yoshimasa Ashikaga and Sen no Rikyu inside the museum.

Creators Navi
 Takuya Hotta, Kaja Dahl, Hideki Yoshimoto, Toshiyuki Kojima,
 Takahiro Chiba, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Naoyuki Ishitsuka
Kinya Tagawa’s BTC Talk Jam
 guest > Takeshi Hakamada (CEO & Founder, ispace technologies, leader of HAKUTO)

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