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Cover interview
Daito Manabe & Motoi Ishibashi [ Rhizomatiks Research ]
Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi are persistent about expanding the concept of art, design, and even the human body and perception by making full use of the latest technologies including AR (augmented reality), drones, and artificial intelligence in all their activities from experimental media art and data art they unveil under their own names to such work as the performance for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in the closing ceremony of the Rio De Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games they put together as a unit, Rhizomatiks Research. While elucidating the context of these extraordinary creators who open up new horizons in exceptional expressions, we asked them about the direction and other aspects of their creative activities centered around research.

A new type of experience brought by technology and creativity
Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) are said to bring new experiences and physical sensations to a variety of fields. Such technologies that advance on a daily basis, however, are no more than a means to realize certain aims. In order to affect human emotion and link technology to expressions that augment the quality of experience, the creativity of the creator becomes indispensable to firmly grasp the effect of advancing technology and determine how to combine technology and ideas. In this feature, we focus on endeavors that create new expressions and experiences through the extensive use of technology in various fields ranging from entertainment and art to sports.

Michele De Lucchi, Architect, designer, and art director at Bottega Ghianda
Michele De Lucchi has been a prominent figure in the Italian design world and has been active on the front line since the 1980s. He assumed the post of art director at Italy’s representative woodworking studio Bottega Ghianda in 2016. He is once again paying close attention to the possibility of the studio that has been contributing to the world of design with its exceptional handwork and craftsmanship as well as the values of wood as a material.

From a single kernel of corn to a soulful city ―Thomas Heatherwick today
Thomas Heatherwick gave a talk on the theme “designing the future for global cities and lifestyles” at Innovative City Forum in Tokyo this past October. Heatherwick is involved in creating innovative designs for the world’s cities. We asked him about his methods and impressions.

Takram exhibition Scenes Unseen From Design Engineering to Design Thought Leader
Takram held its first overseas solo exhibition titled Scenes Unseen at the London Design Festival in September 2016. How did Londoners perceive this unique exhibition that was clearly distinct from the rest of the trade show mainly taken up by furniture and interior goods? Takram established their London office at the end of 2014. Through a Skype connection from Tokyo we asked them about their intentions behind the exhibition.

EB by ISSEY MIYAKE ― realizing a fusion of fashion and technology
EB by ISSEY MIYAKE has incorporated digital technology into fashion through an unprecedented approach employing electronic paper capable of changing color and pattern. An initiative focused on materials development with Sony’s Fashion Entertainments has realized this innovative design.

Other topics
AXIS Fonts has evolved — The Round Series, part 1
An endeavor by ReBuilding Center JAPAN

Other series
The Prototype FUJIFILM & Fuji Xerox “instax movie”
from the World Beijing/ Hamburg/ Yamaguchi/ Okayama
Creators’ work and soul Shigeki Fujishiro/ Tim Geurtjens etc.

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