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Cover interview  atelier oï
Although Patrick Reymond, Armand Louis, and Aurel Aebi are all from Switzerland, their cultural backgrounds vary. It has been 25 years since they formed atelier oï. This team of three (a number that is “the bare minimum for diversity”) has expanded its realm of activity while involving various elements. This year, they are conducting multiple projects even in Japan and their organic approach that doesn’t have a set style is about to establish a clear image.

An up-close look at materials
Utilizing their own curiosity and questions as a starting point, many creators are engaged in the development of new materials and the discovery of new ways to use existing ones. Even with generally-known materials such as urushi (Japanese lacquer) and concrete, new and unconventional possibilities can surface when creators examine the material’s history or quantify its properties. On the other hand, there are an increasing number of cases in materials development that may be termed “inventions created through initiatives with scientists.” This has led creators such as Suzanne Lee, a pioneer in biotechnology textiles, to stress the necessity for designers to more deeply familiarize themselves with science. In the feature articles of this issue, we introduce initiatives related to materials development in various fields, from urushi and biotechnology to fashion and architecture.

Opinion Joe Gebbia, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Airbnb
Airbnb, which gave birth to a new “shared home” business was founded by three designers and continues to grow rapidly as a business where every night one million people lodge at a homes around the world belonging to people they don’t know, announced in the summer the establishment of an organization called Samara in purpose of seeking the new shape of the future. We talked with one of the founders Joe Gebbia about this initiative.

Topic Hacking matured technology—The products of manufacturers and venture
Everything around us will be connected in the age of IoT. Products eying the arrival of such a world are beginning to emerge. Various approaches to making things in the future can be glimpsed in the endeavors of two groups that are upgrading long-utilized technologies with new technologies and ideas.

Topic  Signs of a revolution in making things as seen in prosthetics Discussed by Shunji Yamanaka × Ken Endo × Genta Kondo
In the 2016 Paralympics in Rio De Janeiro, the Japanese team in the men’s 400 meter relay won the bronze medal. The performance of prosthetic legs has advanced remarkably and contributed greatly to renewing the athletes’ record. The athletic prosthetic leg has also attracted attention from the perspective of product development. What will happen on the front line of development during the four years leading up to the Tokyo Paralympics? The aforementioned three who are involved in prosthetic limbs discussed that future.

Topic Pursuing the potential of paper— Fukunaga Print and KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO
KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO is a project by Fukunaga Print Co., Ltd. It held a competition opened to the public in 2015, and, at the same time, established Paper Container Laboratory. This year, marking the 10th anniversary of KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO’s launch, it held an exhibition titled Paper Attraction with ten creators. We talked to them about the 10th anniversary exhibition and their upcoming initiatives.

Other topics
Born in a “do not…” society— Thinking about society through the design of street signs
The work of bridge designer Miyoko Ohno

Other series
The Prototype Konica Minolta “Mask-mounted wearable devise”
Final installment  “A Journey Around the Neighbourhood Globe” By Yasuhiro Suzuki
from the World Beijing/ Osaka
Creators’ work and soul Tatsuya Honda/ Ryohei Yoshiyuki etc.

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