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Cover interview  Akira Minagawa (Fashion Designer)
“Open to all ages. People with a wealth of life experience, even 100-year olds with healthy minds are welcome!” This is a help-wanted ad by the shop call with in-store café opened this summer in Omotesando, Tokyo. It is run by minä perhonen, a brand that was launched 21 years ago. In the competitive fashion world that constantly creates trend and consumes design, designer Akira Minagawa has been expanding his realm of activity with a unique approach and worldview. We talked with him about the source of his creations.

A counterattack of color!
The diversification of preferences continues to grow full tilt, and no other age has experienced such an abundance of color.By embracing these colors, design has enhanced its value and appeal, and more and more companies are using color development as a foothold in creating brand strategies.Establishing the appropriate color not only performs the important role of injecting emotion and sensibility into a design, it also makes it possible to plan communication through the effects colors afford. Having such a huge influence on human psychology and behavior, color has been seen as a primary component of design on par with form. Nevertheless, it is clear that color has been underrated compared with form, and such doubts serve as the starting point for this feature of AXIS. Here we do away with those doubts through new initiatives and studies dealing with color, and elucidate a perspective and understanding of color in all its rich potential.

Opinion Shigeatsu Hatakeyama, Chairperson, NPO Mori wa Umi no Koibito
Hatakeyama has been planting trees in forests to grow healthy oysters for a long time. As the reason for this, he says, “The forest is the ocean’s lover (Mori wa Umi no Koibito).” The idea is that blessings from the forest flow into the ocean via rivers and enrich fishing grounds. Many people from all over Japan and overseas empathize with his activity and gather at his place. Louis Vuitton’s 5th generation descendant Patrick Louis Vuitton is one of them. As the history of Hatakeyama’s activity has been introduced frequently in school textbooks, he has become a familiar face to children as well.

Topic  Local revitalization projects by architect Toyo Ito
Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Toyo Ito is currently involved in developing Omishima, one of the islands along the Setouchi Shimanami Kaido (Shimanami expressway). Numerous architects and designers have been involved in revitalizing local areas and their industries and have spent huge budgets in the past. Ito’s activity, on the other hand, is voluntary and backed by many supporters and the spirit of sharing.

Topic “DIY bio” – An approach to technology as seen in YCAM Bio Research
The maker movement is expanding ever since inexpensive machine tools became available for the individual and due to a sharing of knowledge boosted through the diffusion of the Internet. The DIY spirit is seeing a new phase through its fusion with cutting-edge biotechnology.

Other topics
The relationship between designers and corporations as seen in Design Parade
The truth of Corbusier architecture elucidated through color

Other series
The Prototype Yamaha Motor “05GEN”
Blinking Memory London Design Biennale 2016” By Yasuhiro Suzuki
Creators’ work and soul Carmody Grake/ Kuon etc.

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