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Cover interview  Shinichiro Ogata
With his sophisticated eye, Shinichiro Ogata continues to create spaces, tableware, dishes, and confectioneries imbued with a sense of Japanese aesthetics. While Ogata owns and runs the Japanese restaurants Yakumo Saryo and HIGASHI-YAMA Tokyo, and the Japanese confectionery shop HIGASHIYA, he also runs the product brands “S[es]” and WASARA and handles endless commissions in space design and the designs of interior objets. We asked Ogata, who says his job is to update Japanese lifestyles and present them to the world, about his philosophy in creation, including “what constitutes Japan’s unique qualities” and “what is the nature of Japanese Aesthetics.”

Feature Japanese Style
values is growing worldwide. The wisdom of Japanese daily living accumulated over the ages and its unique aesthetic sense polished through a love for and coexistence with nature have reached a level of profundity as global assets as they gained universality. In this feature, we reexamine values originated in Japan and backed by their appeal from today’s perspective, and introduce suggestions and proposals to lead them into the future as new styles.

Opinion Masaki Sato, President of Sato Seni Co., Ltd. and textile artist
Sporting his signature blond hair, the fourth generation owner of a textile and knitwear manufacturer founded in 1932, Masaki Sato flies around the world buying materials for yarn and negotiating business deals. He is eager to “introduce the culture of Yamagata Prefecture to the world” through the company’s distinctively refined technology and his keen sense for discernment.

Topic The reason tsukuruba sought funds to transform from a design firm to an IT firm
tsukuruba was established in 2011 by Hiroki Murakami and Masahiro Nakamura. It has been mainly producing space-related projects and providing space design for offices of venture enterprises. At the beginning of last year, however, it also started an on-line market for renovated residences called cowcamo and is on its way to change its business direction by receiving funds from sources including venture capital. Why is it suddenly shifting to a new business? We asked them about their strategy.

Topic  Design to support national reform—Iceland Design Week’s “DesignMarch”
The 8th DesignMarch was held at Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik from March 10 to 13, 2016. Various events including exhibitions featuring local designers, furniture fairs, and lectures by renowned designers were held. It may appear similar to all the design weeks held all over the world, but Iceland’s Design Center, which is making efforts to revitalize the nation’s economy, is a substantial presence in the background.

Topic A creative group aiming for democratic architecture — Assemble
Assemble won the prestigious British Turner Prize in the winter of 2015. The selection of their project supporting the socially disadvantaged from the perspective of building design both stunned the contemporary art world and gave the powerful impression that the world is truly changing. At present, Assemble is being taken up by a wide range of media, but their true nature is difficult to grasp. I got the opportunity to talk with one of the group’s members, James Binning.

Other topics
Nike Innovation Summit 2016
Secori sou links artisans with designers etc.

Other series
The Prototype GK Design Group “Prosthetic leg cover”
Blinking Memory “Perspective of the Back View” By Yasuhiro Suzuki
Creators’ work and soul Musuta/ Hideyo Ryoken etc.

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