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Cover interview  Neri & Hu
Neri & Hu is an architecture/design team based in Shanghai and London, that continues to extend its activity on a global level. While pursuing their identity as Chinese, they have gained their world-wide reputation by persistently providing bold proposals to other cultures and social issues. Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, who say they constantly improve each other, are partners in both their personal and professional lives. How did they arrive at where they are today?

Feature Deep-rooted issues concerning locality and design, and their solutions
It’s been thirty years since the beginning of a movement to use design to promote local industries. Various methods of collaboration with designers have been attempted, such as competitions and match ups by local governments, and recently, large-scale projects with well-known designers are also seen on occasion. On the other hand, one often still hears of projects that did not succeed, even though they incorporated design or collaborated with designers. What exactly is the difference between success and failure? In what way should design become involved in order to revitalize industries rooted in local areas, such as traditional crafts? In this feature we bring into relief the deep-rooted issues between locality and design, and explore their solutions.a

Opinion Ken Suzuki, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SmartNews
Ken Suzuki launched a news app called SmartNews equipped with a unique UI and algorithm for smart phones and tablets, and is actively promoting it globally while proposing a new approach in democracy by the “dividual” instead of the “individual.” I talked with Suzuki about his vision for society that might just unfold through an attempt to design a contact point between human beings and information.

Topic Proposals for the future using leading edge materials—Kiyomi Suzuki’s initiative to explore the potential of carbon fiber
Kiyomi Suzuki, a designer for the architecture and construction company Ishimaru, has been taking up the challenge of developing a carbon fiber furniture series since 2009. Not intended for mass production, the initiative is a first step towards the near future and a new proposal for the design world. We talked with Ms. Suzuki, who will unveil the fifth in the series this May, about her ideas on design and the products that are the starting point of her work.

Topic Singapore by design—Singapore’s new design strategy for 2025
Singapore is promoting its creative design industry and showing rapid change. In March, during Singapore Design Week (SDW), a masterplan titled Design 2025 focused on the next ten years was unveiled. Here’s a look at SDW and the changes that have occurred in Singapore until now.

Topic Globally and locally—LOCAL ICONS. EAST/WEST expands the identity and possibilities of an innovative material
LOCAL ICONS. EAST/WEST was held at Italy’s National 21st Century Art Museum, dubbed MAXXI, in Rome from February 5 to 28, 2016. Nine teams of architects and designers invited from Europe and Asia tackled projects using Alcantara, an Italian-made luxury brand material.

Other topics
Architects full of the entrepreneurial spirit―Design Indaba 2016
Graduation work exhibitions of six universities in AXIS Gallery etc.

Other series
The Prototype Denso “Design Prototype: WHITE Sound”
Blinking Memory “Vessels for Cells” By Yasuhiro Suzuki
Creators’ work and soul Page Tsou/ Neil Nenner etc.

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Designers on AXIS cover 9 Richard Hutten

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The Prototype Archive 9 Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo  Display of Sunlight through the Leaves (2006 -)

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