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Cover interview  Yoichi Ochiai, Media Artist and Assistant Professor, Head of Digital Nature Group, University of Tsukuba
“We now live in a century of wizardry,” Yoichi Ochiai says. Now that computers exist everywhere and the fading border between the real and the virtual is transforming fiction into reality, Ochiai may be today’s “wizard” who ventures into new ways of making things that transcend existing media and platforms. Various crucial hints are suggested in the words of Ochiai, who can be described as a representative figure among the ultra-unorthodox.

Feature Learn from the ultra-unorthodox
Being ultra-unorthodox means to deviate from the mainsteam and think out of the box without being swayed by conventional thinking. This feature is about such mavericks, the kind of people who carve out their own paths without caring that they are different from the rest. They create innovations and change the world (or have changed the world). They may even be described as “mutations,” and mutations are indispensable to evolution. As a result of this unique and creative thinking, some may even be called “heretics.” They are embodiments of creativity. This feature focuses on such ultra-unorthodox and heretical thinkers, and examines their capabilities and mindsets in the aim of becoming more like them.

Opinion Yataro Matsuura, Chief editor of Kurashi-no-kihon,and writer
Yataro Matsuura has shown us many faces: a bookseller, writer, and editor. He recently resigned from his post as chief editor at Kurashi-no Techo after nine years, and moved to Cookpad that operates a cooking recipe site. What composes the core of this diverse and fascinating human being? I asked Matsuura what he considers his “basics” to be.

Topic Three groups of creators pursue an unshakable individuality
There exist creators who avoid trends and the current of the times to explore through their unique sensibilities every detail of making things. They pursue a purer form of originality by becoming involved in creating their own venues, using their own hands, and communicating the results. Here we introduce what may be called their stoic design attitude and methods.

Topic dot architects—An architectural team’s approach to creating “place”
Although dot architects is an architectural design office, it also handles construction and management of buildings. It has recently been involved in structures that are far removed from modern architecture, including a shrine and a boat. I visited their office Coop Kitakagaya, where received architectural wisdom is being overturned with agility.

Topic Where design, psychology and cognitive science merge—Chiba University and Shimadzu Advertising & Communications
What is demanded today is not only beauty born of sensibility, but also “evidence” of why products and services end up in certain designs. The study of design psychology that started 20 some years ago has advanced into the realms of “neuromarketing” and new design fields with the introduction of the latest measuring instruments. We visited Haruo Hibino at his lab at Chiba University.

Topic Whipsaw from Silicon Valley—Finding hidden abilities within the subject of design
Design, perhaps, has never attracted so much attention as today in Silicon Valley. Design is directly affecting the nature of products as digital technology is becoming the core functional aspect in everything from smartphone apps and consumer hardware products developed by tech firms to the ever-growing field of IoT. We visited Whipsaw, a design company that’s been creating design in Silicon Valley for many years.

Other series
The Prototype Mitsubishi Electric “Wireless Surveillance Camera”
Blinking Memory “A tally counter that measures value” By Yasuhiro Suzuki
Creators’ work and soul Jamy Yang/ yonanp etc.

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