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Cover interview  Frank Gehry, architect
What one notices seeing the work of Nao Tamura is her exquisite balance between simple lean forms and sharp structures. A unique sense of elegance resides there. The dignified expression exuding from her series of works is by no means unrelated to her way of living and attitude dedicated to design.

Feature Intelligent cars
Emotional design that appeals to the users’ sensibilities…. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard words like these from the mouths of car designers and the upper echelons of manufacturers. On the other hand, people are beginning to ask that cars today be imbued not only with an emotional design but an intelligent design that presents innovations in the latest technology and functions and shows them at work in the car.At a recent symposium held in Tokyo, Gordon Wagener, the Vice President of Design at Daimler AG, said that next-generation cars will not just have to be beautiful; they must possess an intelligent design that’s also superior in such areas as aerodynamics. As technological innovations move forward at an unprecedented pace, with aerodynamics at the top of the list followed by clean energy and autonomous driving, an intelligent design linking intelligence and wisdom is becoming a new design theme that’s showing the appeal of the car to the best advantage.

Opinion Etienne Cochet, Etienne Cochet, Executive Director of the Paris
International Motor Show

The Paris International Motor Show is the world’s oldest automotive event and is ranked as number one in its ability to attract visitors. Displaying uncommon performance in arranging the September 2016 show is Etienne Cochet, a “trade show production specialist” who served as the general manager of Maison & Objet for nearly 20 years. Cochet has moved from living spaces to moving spaces. Transitioning his sensibility to the field of mobility, Cochet is taking up the challenge of proposing new lifestyles around cars.

Lovable Continuous Design Hisakazu Shimizu ×KOYUYO—Hasami
Continuous Design is an original method put forth by Hisakazu Shimizu. Controlling 3D software as if molding clay makes possible a speedy, continuous design without the need to change tools. In this series, we examine examples where S&O DESIGN and companies representing various fields work together in taking up the challenge of design development that transcends existing frameworks to unveil original concept models.

Topic Yoshiaki Irobe & Kenya Hara―What graphic designers can do for future city
What are the roles graphic designers can fulfill for society? Here is a look into the efficacy and tasks of graphic design in cities from the endeavors of two designers, Yoshiaki Irobe and Kenya Hara, who are making proposals from different perspectives in the megalopolis of Tokyo that will host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Topic An “Out of Fashion” initiative by China’s top designer Ma Ke
Ma Ke participated in Paris haute couture collection for the first time in 2008. Since 2013, she has been serving as designer of official wear for Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese president Xi Jinping. While Ma Ke is a representative figure in the Chinese fashion world both in fame and talent, she is at present pursuing a path that runs counter to the tide of current fashion trends. We had an opportunity to ask her about her thoughts in Beijing.

Topic Mexican architect Michel Rojkind, Contemporary iconic architecture
He wears tight jeans, silver accessories, and tattoos, and if you enter his name into YouTube you’ll get countless interviews and performances. For these reasons, people in design who encounter Michel Rojkind for the first time probably do not get the impression he’s a serious, major Mexican architect. Rojkind, who had been a professional musician, is changing home living in Mexico through his unique methods and a focus on social relevance.

Other topics
Kokuyo Design Award 2015
An endeavor launched in Tsubame-Sanjo
Automotive Designers’ Night 2015 Tokyo etc.

Other series
The Prototype Sharp “Air purifier/ Air conditioner”
Blinking Memory “Drawing boundaries between impressions” By Yasuhiro Suzuki
Creators’ work and soul Kentaro Yamazaki/ Dai Sugasawa etc.

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