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Cover interview  Nao Tamura, designer
What one notices seeing the work of Nao Tamura is her exquisite balance between simple lean forms and sharp structures. A unique sense of elegance resides there. The dignified expression exuding from her series of works is by no means unrelated to her way of living and attitude dedicated to design.

Feature New Directions in Energy Production
The transition to renewable energy is gradually accelerating across the globe in light of fears that fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas will run out, as well as due to problems with nuclear power and the pressing issue of climate change. Focusing on a sustainable future rather than transient need, there is a move to investigate new directions in energy production unbound by conventional wisdom that transcend the framework of national or local government policies. Here, we introduce a number of highly creative initiatives to that end.

Opinion Chikara Mizukami, Wagashi artisan, Wagashi Ikko-An
Wagashi is appreciated for its expression that captures “snapshots” of natural scenes, animals, and plants throughout the four seasons using rigorously selected ingredients. Wagashi Ikko-An in Koishikawa, Tokyo in particular is highly appreciated in Japan and overseas for the delicate, eater-oriented handwork by artisan Chikara Mizukami as well as his bold and free concept of making wagashi that at times almost resembles sculpture. The wagashi industry is suffering from a lack of successors and the popularity of western confectionery. We talked with Chikara Mizukami who is making efforts to spread the splendor of wagashi to hand down the spirit of the Japanese who appreciate each season.

Lovable Continuous Design  Hisakazu Shimizu ×Noritake—Compote
Continuous Design is an original method put forth by Hisakazu Shimizu. Controlling 3D software as if molding clay makes possible a speedy, continuous design without the need to change tools. In this series, we examine examples where S&O DESIGN and companies representing various fields work together in taking up the challenge of design development that transcends existing frameworks to unveil original concept models.

Topic A smart device from Amazon connects actions to the Internet
Amazon is often described as a retailer running an e-commerce site. However, that's only one side of the company. Amazon has established a reputation for developing devices such as the e-book reader Kindle that connect its services with the consumer. Here we explore the future of daily living through three recently released devices from Amazon.

Topic Proposing new architectural luxury—Holiday Cottages by Living Architecture
Although public facilities such as airports and museums designed by well-known architects are usable, the houses they design are often not so easy to live in. Living Architecture is a UK NPO that has people spend a holiday in innovative houses built by architects and experience how fun they are to live in. MVRDV and Michael Hopkins have already participated in Living Architecture projects, and last summer a house was completed by Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry and FAT Architecture. Houses are scheduled for completion by John Pawson in 2015 and Peter Zumthor in 2016. I talked with Living Architecture’s director Mark Robinson.

Other topics
TOG, a furniture brand that updates continually
The 10th Promise for the Future: All Star Design Showcase etc.

Other series
The Prototype Kyocera “Emergency Kit”
Blinking Memory “Soapy Being” By Yasuhiro Suzuki
Creators’ work and soul Ken Okamoto/ GamFratesi etc.

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