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Cover interview  Tsuyoshi Tane [DGT.]
Tsuyoshi Tane is a partner at DGT. (DORELL.GHOTMEH.TANE / ARCHITECTS) that won the grand prize in a competition held by the Estonian National Museum in 2006 and was selected as one of the finalists for the proposal of the New National Stadium in Japan in 2012. DGT. conducts a broad range of activity including various exhibition space designs such as for the Hokusai exhibition at Grand Palais and an installation for Citizen; the number of projects it handles seems ever increasing in Europe, the U.S., and Japan. In Tokyo, we talked with Tane who is based in Paris and travels back and forth to such countries as Estonia and Japan at a pace of once a month.

Feature The Future Adventures of Design Startups
Recently, diverse design-oriented startups and the venture capital firms that support them have been appearing one after another. It is precisely because startups are attempting to bring innovation to rigid social systems that they are being asked to create new concepts and speedy development in technology and design. In this feature we report on design-related startups and venture capital companies to explore the ideal form and possibilities of design business in the near future while asking what is being demanded of designers creating startups.

Opinion Kazuhide Sekiyama, Board Member and Representative Executive Officer at Spiber Inc.
Kazuhide Sekiyama succeeded for the first time anywhere in synthesizing and mass-producing spider silk, a “dream fiber” that’s stronger than steel and more elastic than nylon. As the characteristics of QMONOS can be designed freely by manipulating the genetic sequence to be implanted, it is attracting attention also as a biodegradable material with a small environmental burden. We visited Kazuhide Sekiyama who is driving forward towards commercializing this next generation fiber in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture where Spiber is based.

Topics  Being a Citizen before an Architect—Santiago Cirugeda, Director of Recetas Urbanas
I became interested in the Spanish architect Santiago Cirugeda through a website that introduced the speakers at Design Indaba. Uploaded on the site was a YouTube link to a popular series called Rebel Architecture by Al Jazeera that depicted Cirugeda as a “guerrilla architect” who worked with the citizens while at times skirting the eye of the law. I was attracted to the intense way Cirugeda lived and made an overture to interview him before other speakers as my first pick at Design Indaba.

Topics Sora no Mori Clinic in Okinawa, where everything grows as one

Sora no Mori Clinic performs advanced reproductive techniques centered around infertility treatments developed in Yaesecho on the southern part of Okinawa’s main island. Graphic designer Taku Satoh, who was charged with general production, launched an entirely new concept, and together with architects Takaharu Tezuka and Yui Tezuka and artist Naoko Kurotsuka, created a “forest that nurtures life, calms the human heart, and accepts a diversity of living things.”

Topics Ishinomaki Laboratory through Swiss and Japanese designers
A project is underway in which a total of nine individuals and one team of Swiss and Japanese designers encounter the different approaches to making things in both nations. Following a workshop held in Switzerland in February of this year, Swiss designers visited Japan in May, and each proposed designs for Ishinomaki Laboratory. How did a generation of designers that no longer needs to be conscious of the walls between cultures challenge an approach to making things bound by many restrictions and come up with a number of solutions?

Other topics
Cainz Home Tsurugashima’s Digital Fab Studio
Fujitsu Design tests its skills in overseas exhibitions etc.

Other series
The Prototype Aisin “ILY-A”
Lovable Continuous Design Racket Chair by Hisakazu Shimizu × Tendo
Blinking Memory “Extension of Foresight” By Yasuhiro Suzuki
Creators’ work and soul Motohiro Tanji/ Shigeki Fujii etc.

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