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Cover interview  Hirokazu Nagata, Chairman of Plus Arts and Vice Director of Design and Creative Center Kobe
In this chaotic age, various complex problems lie right in front of us. Due to their complex nature, it is no longer a simple task to solve them with expertise from a single field. Hirokazu Nagata has been pressing forward the activity of Plus Arts that tackles various social issues with art-inspired concepts and ideas of artists who are not bound by preconceived notions. Here is a close look at Nagata's concept that is attracting attention today, including his ideas on town development and disaster prevention.

Feature Our Park
Essentially, a park should be a place that can be accessed freely by everyone. Nevertheless, the reality today is that we use and relate to parks in a highly stereotypical manner. In this feature, we introduce the possibilities of the park as an open space, and look at various movements that explore new ways of utilizing it as a receptacle that accepts the will of diverse individuals, accommodates diverse activities, and at times serves as a venue for people to communicate, to be creative, and to spread information. Creative ideas and design that induce various relationships between people and the city will redefine how the park should be.

Traditional Craft Forms Yamanaka Shikki
Carving wood while turning the wheel and applying a chisel blade, a woodturner creates bowls and plates in no time, and has the skill to manipulate wood at will. The work carried out swiftly, accurately, and sensitively, is representative of Japanese traditional crafts that are attracting global attention. Its origin is said to date back to the 9th century when Korekata Shin-no (imperial prince) of Omi (present Shiga Prefecture) introduced the woodworking skills. The skills thereafter spread throughout Japan. Yamanaka Onsen (hot spring) district in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture was a village community where a group of woodturning craftsmen who were dedicated to Korekata Shin-no ended up. It is a historic area where today a new endeavor in Yamanaka Shikki has taken off.

Opinion Augusto Grillo,CEO of the Villa Tosca Design Management Centre Group
Villa Tosca Design Management Centre was established in Milan in 1993 as a research center for strategic design. Its founder and present CEO Augusto Grillo, who describes himself as a “design philosopher,” has carried out some very distinctive design work to date, the core of which is “aesthetics.” We met up with Grillo—who continues to participate in diverse activities and even served as a city mayor—at a lighting fair held in Tokyo in March, and asked him about his views on aesthetics and design.

Topics Raf Simons, worn by Furniture
A collaboration between Raf Simons, a designer with a huge presence in the fashion industry, and the influential Danish interior textiles brand Kvadrat was big news last year. Raf Simons was here in March for his first exhibition in Japan of his entire lineup, including his latest works for KVADRAT/RAF SIMONS, a line done in collaboration with Kvadrat. We talked with him about the meaning of this project.

Topics Design Indaba 2015—Evolution of the conference and African creators
The 18th Design Indaba conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa from February 25 to 27. In addition to well-known designers such as Hella Jongerius and Stefano Giovannoni, 83-year-old Rosita Missoni, the founder of Missoni, also made an appearance on stage. Talks by ten African creators, more than in previous years, were also memorable.

Topics Singapore Design Week 2015 on the themes of “Cultural Heritage” and “Process”
Singapore is celebrating its 50th year as a nation. The second Singapore Design Week was held from March 10th to 13th as part of a nation-wide initiative to promote design. The venues for the events included the National Design Centre that opened in March as the main hall, as well as a former police station, two convention centers, shops and offices all over the island. Various events, both official and unofficial, were held simultaneously, and seemed to suggest the direction in which the country intends to go to.

Other topics
Toshihiko Sakai’s workshop to remove bias
AXIS Gallery Graduation Work Exhibition Report 2015

Other series
Lovable Continuous Design intstax by Hisakazu Shimizu × FUJIFILM
Blinking Memory “Aerial Being” By Yasuhiro Suzuki
Creators’ work and soul Daigo Daikoku/ Nobuko Nishida etc.

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