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Cover interview  Formafantasma
Formafantasma has brought a new horizon to design by expressing experimental materials research in unique installations. What is it that the creations by this design team of Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin are conveying to us? Is it the relationship between craft and industry, or process and form, or sustainability? Here is an attempt to explore the possibilities of a project that emerge from the melting pot of various materials.

Feature Future trends in robot design
The “robot-driven industrial revolution” is taken to be a major pillar of Japan's growth strategy. As the decreasing birthrate and aging population intensify, there are plans to use robots as a trump card to solve the problem of labor shortages, to increase the productivity of the service sector, and to nurture robotics as a growth industry and carve out new global markets. Of course, this movement is not limited to Japan alone, and the development and utilization of robotics in various fields is moving forward around the world. Not limited to humanoid and industrial robots, the movement has diverse expressions that transcend the old image of robots and include autonomous cars and commercial transport using unmanned vehicles. In what way will we human beings accept and develop these robotic technologies? In this feature we explore this leading-edge movement and its relationship with design.

Traditional Craft Forms Sweater
Now that even the material cashmere is being mass produced, the world of knitting is entering a transitional period. While machined textiles are now emerging through the development of fine yarn using scarce materials, luxury brands are also taking new approaches such as introducing hand-knit items that possess a rich texture and comfortable fit that can’t be reproduced by mechanical looms, making each piece truly special and one-of-a-kind. Certain hand-knit sweaters are attracting attention in Japan as well: the products of Kesennuma Knitting.

Opinion Marianne Goebl, Managing Director of Artek
In September of 2013 it was announced that Artek, which was established in 1935 by the Finnish master of architecture Alvar Aalto, would become a subsidiary of Vitra, a move that certainly surprised many. Then, in July of 2014, Marianne Goebl was hired as Managing Director of the company. Goebl, who had successfully completed various projects under Vitra's chairman Rolf Fehlbaum, is a Vitra favorite. What kind of changes will the Vitra DNA that's such a deep part of Goebl bring about in Artek?

Topics Chinese designers’ aspiration to return to tradition
In the midst of a consumption boom brought on by rapid economic growth, creators in China are aiming for products that only they can create based in the traditional culture of their nation. While the movement of returning to historical craft skills and natural materials is one of the various global trends in design, Chinese designers are also attempting to reproduce artisans’ handwork that is on the verge of disappearing. We visited two such sites that are engaging in careful, “slow work.”

Topics The creations of Hansje van Halem,an artisan who makes digital textures
In September 2013, the Dutch graphic designer Hansje van Halem unveiled Sketchbook, a compilation of the sketches she has made in the past ten years. The book, which has received much attention, explores the source of her appealing creations that weave together psychedelic colors and intricate patterns.

Topics Towards textiles with a greater sense of movement—The near future of interiors as seen at Heimtextil 2015
Textiles occupy a huge market among interiors-related products. Frankfurt's Heimtextil is the world's largest trade fair in that field, and this year it took a different approach from previous years and held an event called Theme Park that presented outlooks for the future, providing conceptual interpretations of textile trends and revealing the various possibilities.

Other series
The Prototype Yamaha “√”
Blinking Memory “IROHA Exhibiton” By Yasuhiro Suzuki
Creators’ work and soul Antonio Scarponi/ Lyu Gunu etc.

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