PVC Design Award 2014—Designs made possible precisely because of the designer's knowledge of the material


The awards ceremony for the forth PVC Design Award was held on October 27. The theme this time around was “I want this !” The award solicited flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride) designs that would motivate people to own and make them part of their lives the moment they saw them. Approximately 350 works were submitted, and 19 of those were selected. Although none of the pieces satisfied the requirements to win the grand prize, the screening committee said “many of the designs demonstrated a deep understanding of PVC as a material.”

Second prize winner 0 Tape by Hiroshi Kajimoto and Munehiro Tokita.

Selected as the second prize winner was 0 Tape, a transparent tape that utilizes the adhesive properties of PVC in place of glue. Because no adhesive material is left behind and the object is not damaged, the tape can be used over and over. In an arrangement with Munehiro Tokita who works for a PVC manufacturer, designer Hiroshi Kajimoto experimented with various PVC materials in a trial and error process to come up with the result. The extreme simplicity of this transparent tape attracts one’s attention out of all the designs. Mirroring Kajimoto's statement that he “wanted to show the power of design by utilizing the useful properties of the material itself without going overboard,” the award's officials said it was very refreshing to see that this kind of design that isn't decorative was also possible.

Award of Excellence winner Fondue Slipper by Satsuki Ohata.
Footwear that provides a barefoot feel. A mold is taken of your foot and the footwear is made by pouring a paste resin into it. This original idea was praised for its suggestion of a new approach for flexible PVC.

In the beginning, the PVC Design Award received many designs that could not be realized due to the designers' lack of understanding of the material. By continuing to participate and learning about the material, however, one may say that the designers have now entered a zone where they are able to make excellent proposals.

Award of Excellence winner “flowers for window side” by Yujiro Toyosaki and Shigeki Okaniwa.
A transparent one-flower vase sheet that can be pressed onto the window. The design was evaluated highly for presenting a living flower in an aesthetic manner by having it blend in with the outside scenery and reflect light in diverse ways.

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