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Cover interview Kenji Ekuan, Designer and Chairperson of GK Design Group
Giorgetto Giugiaro is a legendary car designer who has designed many well-known cars. It's been Kenji Ekuan established GK Industrial Design Associateswas and was among the first to promote design. Ever since, Kenji Ekuan has been a leader in the design industry not only in Japan but around the world to date. Now that the postwar era has long passed, what is the road design should take in this modern age facing diverse issues? Here’s what Ekuan has to say.

Feature The Progress of Medicine through Design
The field of medicine as an industry is expected to show major progress in the future, and design will most definitely play a large role. There are truly many areas where design ought to be involved, from hospital buildings to spaces, management systems, devices and precision equipment for tests and surgeries, materials, and equipment to help patients recover or improve various functions. Moreover, in not a few cases what design can provide isn’t just a matter of simple improvements in form but extends to new visions and concepts. How far can design take the field of medical treatment? We look for the answer through a variety of examples.

Opinion Anthony Myint, Chef and founder of Mission Chinese Food
Mission Chinese Food is a unique restaurant in a variety of senses. Although it began as a “pop-up” where Myint cooked and sold his own Chinese cuisine once a week in a Chinese food restaurant run by another owner, it has almost completely taken over due to huge popularity, while it did not alter that other restaurant’s interior nor put up any signs. Moreover, Mission Chinese Food donates to a local food bank 75 cents on every main dish it sells to the public. We interviewed founder and chef Anthony Myint about his vision that is overturning the conventional notion of a restaurant.

Topics Furniture featuring a futuristic arabesque pattern and carbon fiber—The design of Shiseido Ginza Building related by Youji Nobuto (Shiseido) and Kiyomi Suzuki (Ishimaru)
Shiseido Ginza Building that opened on October 2 will function as an office where Shiseido's creative divisions are consolidated, and a venue including a multi-purpose hall where people can gather. Adorning the 1st floor entrance are graphic works by Katsuhiko Shibuya, who is director of Hanatsubaki, and a reception counter and bench designed by Kiyomi Suzuki of Ishimaru. Suzuki has been pursuing furniture design using carbon fiber, and Youji Nobuto of Shiseido Advertising Creation Department supervised the overall design of the building as creative director. Their thoughts behind creating the new space are introduced here in an interview.

Topics The Onomichi Denim Project—Used denim created with the help of local citizens
A project to brand used denim has begun in Onomichi, Hiroshima prefecture. Two hundred and seventy of Onomichi's citizens are collaborating over a period of one year to impart a unique aged texture and faded look to denim.

Topics A form of collaboration as seen in Ryue Nishizawa + nendo: Roof and Mushrooms
The Ryue Nishizawa + nendo: Roof and Mushrooms exhibition by the somewhat unexpected combination of architects Ryue Nishizawa and Oki Sato who heads the design office nendo is being held at Kyoto University of Art & Design. How did these two creators come to join forces? How did their ideas and works interact? We talked to them about the paths and process of their thinking.

Other topics
Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2013
The 8th Promise for the Future: All-star Design Showcase at AXIS Gallery etc.

Other series
The Prototype Fest “BionicOpter”
Traditional Craft Forms “Kintsugi”
Masaaki Hiromura's Junglin  “Design inspired by manga” etc.

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