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Based on the concept “Sense the Invisible,” h.o creates works that allow people to communicate with intangible elements of reality. Perfect Time, for example, is an hourglass inspired installation. Here, visitors put sand into the device to create a screen of trickling particles onto which images are projected, enabling them to engage the intangible phenomenon of time as long as the sand continues to fall.

Kazamidori (2009)
Kazamidori is a weathervane installation that likens social interest on the Internet to the wind. It has been on permanent display at Ars Electronica Center since 2010.

Ever since h.o moved their base of operations to Europe, many of their works have inspired visitors to confront “locality.” One such piece is their present endeavor Sunport Takamatsu Triathlon, an event to be held this September for which they are creating a work called TRIART that attempts to fuse art with triathlon. TRIART combines information from the sensor tag worn by each athlete with social media and information from the Web and expresses the time the athlete’s are competing as a picture scroll type receipt.

Perfect Time (2004)
When visitors insert sand, the falling grains create a surface that functions as a screen onto which wondrous images are visible until the sand runs out.

The form of society is changing due to technological development. h.o continues to explore what it can achieve as an architect of the means by which such changes are communicated.

TRIART (2012)
Prints out, as a narrative, the triathlon time, comments, and encouragement from family members of each individual athlete.

h.o is an art group led by Hideaki Ogawa, comprising members grounded in information technology who possess a variety of backgrounds, including robotics, interaction design, and sensor technology.

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