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Cover interview Giorgetto Giugiaro
Giorgetto Giugiaro is a legendary car designer who has designed many well-known cars. It's been three years since Volkswagen Group took majority shareholding in Italdesign Giugiaro, of which Giugiaro serves as chairman. In this interview, Giugiaro, who turned 75 this August, talks freely about everything from the present state of his company to the future of cars and car design, and even comments on young people's alienation from the automobile. We sensed in his words the spirit of a present-day Leonardo da Vinci facing a future that must surely come after the automobile.

Feature Prototypes of 21st Century Industry-Academia Collaborations
The purpose of industry-academia collaborations for the industry side, as seen in the AXIS Magazine series Doing industry-academia collaborations right, is to “discover and develop human resources,” “improve corporate visibility,” “stimulate in-house designers and planning departments” and “discover ideas and concepts that lead to new product development.” The schools are doing their best to respond to these expectations by preparing high quality systems. The primary purpose for the academia side would be “to let students experience the real world,” and from the perspective of industry-academia projects as part of the curriculum, many have been successful. Nevertheless, it’s also true that many feel it's possible to do something even more amazing and interesting.
In order to provide hints for more effective industry-academia projects in the future, this feature introduces innovative attempts that transcend conventional methods and purposes, from building the systems and setting up themes to conducting the process itself. It explores new forms of “21st century industry-academia projects” that do not simply rely on industry to supply the themes and academia to provide the solutions.

Traditional Craft Forms Edo Sudare
Sudare (natural blinds) allow refreshing breezes and soft illumination akin to foliage-filtered light to pass through into the interior. Whenever I see sudare swaying over a window, I feel that Japanese houses are making effective use of partitions that divide space. These partitions include fusuma, shoji, tsuitate, byobu, noren and sudare. They can be easily installed or removed to suit the season and occasion.
Just before midsummer, which is the high season for sudare, we visited Tanaka Sudare Inc. in Senzoku, Taito Ward, Tokyo. The workplace, filled with the rhythmical clanging sound of nagedama (warp weights), was hectic as they were trying to process all the orders in time.

Opinion Judit Várhelyi, Director of the Hungarian Design Council and
Guest Professor at Tama Art University

Judit Várhelyi is Director of the Hungarian Design Council, and lived in Tokyo for extended periods since she first came to Japan in 1990. In promoting Hungarian design, she has built a close-knit design network with other nations in Eastern Europe as well as numerous countries around the world. I talked with her about the design situation in Eastern Europe.

Topics A dialog with Karel Martens
Dutch designer Karel Martens held his first solo exhibition, KM Karel Martens in Japan at Ginza Graphic Gallery (ggg) this May. In his representative work, the monotype print series, Martens takes “found objects” from daily life, such as rulers and lego blocks, and uses them as printing blocks to print numbers and letters. Martens has experimented with such methods for over 50 years. We talked with Martens who is now 74 years old and exerts a powerful influence in the global design industry.

Topics Hishio-no-sato and Sakate Port Project—Relational Tourism
Setouchi Triennale 2013 is being held for an extensive period over the spring, summer, and fall. Hishio-no-sato and Sakate Port Project—Relational Tourism, which takes place in Shodoshima and where diverse creators gather, is trying to foster a sustainable relationship with the local community.

Topics Dassault Systèmes—The future of the performing arts in 3D projections
Projecting theater sets with 3D images. A ballet incorporating those expressions was held for journalists in Paris in advance of its public debut in March of next year, which is also to be performed in Paris. The 3D software is evolving in the field of industry, to create 3D simulations of airplanes and cars during the design stage before building actual prototypes. What possibilities will that technology bring to the performing arts? Here's a look at one initiative.

Other topics
The Design Ambassador Project―An interview with Shashi Caan
D&AD Award 2013 etc.

Other series
The Prototype Yamaha “Reframe”
Masaaki Hiromuras Junglin  “Bread ears and the ears of design”
Life in Tokyo with civil engineering “Temporary town—Shibuya, Tokyo” etc.

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