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Cover interview Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab
Joi Ito is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has launched many IT companies. Although it was a considerable surprise when Ito was appointed as the fourth director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, it was precisely because Ito has a history of “breaking the mold” that he was selected for the top spot at what is widely considered to be a Mecca of innovation. Joi Ito talked with us about new developments at Media Lab and his vision for the future.

Feature  Future Portrait of Digital Fabrication
Thanks to the proliferation of 3D printers and laser cutters, a new revolution called the “maker movement” is underway. This new wave not only promotes startups and supports the personal creative desire to make what one desires, it also beckons transformations in existing design development, company production flow, and the way goods are distributed. How far will “making things” evolve through the utilization of digital machine tools and networks? Here we take a close up look at the front lines of the movement, starting with Shibuya.

Traditional Craft Forms  Rattan wicker chair
Rattan is said to be the longest terrestrial plant. As it is flexible, bendable, and freely workable, it has been used traditionally for diverse purposes, including as a material wrapped around the handle of the katana (Japanese sword), and as a material woven into baskets and chairs. The item the artisan is weaving carefully is the C-3150 Armless Chair, commonly called the “lounge chair,” designed by Isamu Kenmochi. It is a world-renowned Japanese masterpiece included in the MoMA permanent collection in 1964 on the recommendation of Marcel Breuer. Here is a report on the entire process that takes about three days to complete.

Opinion Sissel Tolaas, smell researcher and smell artist
Since 1990 Sissel Tolaas has been conducting research into the relationship between the world's smells, people, and society on the theme “smell, smell and language, and communication.” Owing to a very original research content, her ever-expanding collaborations in a variety of fields and her attitude free from stereotypes has been a great influence on many people. We visited Tolaas at her SMELL RE_searchLab in Berlin.

Topics MIT Media Lab’s latest projects─looking for uniqueness, impact, and magic
As Media Lab Director Joi Ito suggested in this issue's cover interview, Media Lab seeks uniqueness, impact, and magic. Ever since its establishment, Media Lab has continually innovated its research content towards that end. Here we introduce some of Media Lab's latest projects.

Topics Crafts and Design in South Korea─An attempt to create tradition by the Buyeo Project
Seeing the house as the intersection of various industries, the HOUSE VISION project aims to The Buyeo Project exhibition was held this January at YÉOL (Society For Korean Cultural Heritage) Hanok Gallery in Seoul. While exploring the state of new “traditional” Korean crafts, the exhibition was an attempt to get beyond the objects and reconstruct the very tradition itself. The person who led the project was a Japanese designer.

Other topics
The Global Innovation Design Project─Fostering world class design talent
Design Indaba─Advancing the design standard of South Africa
AXIS Gallery & Symposia Graduation Work Exhibition Report 2013
Collective Dialigue─A venue for sharing ideas through dialogue etc.

Other series
The Prototype tangent: “KIHOU”
Masaaki Hiromuras Junglin  “The old and new wabi sabi and kawaii
Life in Tokyo with civil engineering “Value-added bridges” etc.

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