Shops by Tord Boontje and Paul Cocksedge


A Tord Boontje design studio/shop opened its doors in East London at the end of April. While designers have of course opened shops before, it's usually just a matter of selling small items in a corner of their office. The expansive space on Boontje's first floor and underground level, however, brims with the designer's view of the world, and is fully equipped as a proper shop.

I can see such moves by younger designers, but why does a designer with Boontje's accomplishments need a shop like this now? The reason, according to Boontje, is that that he wanted people who have only ever seen his works in magazines and on the Internet to be able to appreciate it in person at their leisure. In fact, the shop houses a variety of Boontje's works, from artworks for Swarovski and high-priced Italian furniture to affordable products from Authentics and Habita. Boontje says he plans to launch an Internet shop as well.

The Tord Boontje Shop. Please see his website for details concerning office hours and other information.

Around the same time, Paul Cocksedge launched an Internet shop for his original brands. Cocksedge, known for his artistic installations, says, “For products such as lightings, it's easier for me to communicate my view on the Internet using movies as opposed to selling them in a lighting shop alongside a variety of other products.” Cocksedge believes he can grasp people's responses more directly by announcing new works on his own site, thereby creating a more intimate connection for the audience.

<From Paul Cocksedge's Internet shop

As ways of doing business continue to evolve, sales methods are also bound to change. These choices by Boontje and Cocksedge do not leave the promotion of their work to other people, and suggest that it's important for the designer to take it to the people themselves. (Text by Kyoko Nakajima / AXIS vol.158)

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