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Symposia is a small, 100 ㎡ multipurpose white space on the B1 floor of AXIS Building. This intelligent venue inspires youthful creativity and will bring an unprecedented level of quality to your seminars, workshops, exhibitions, presentations, and parties. After all, the same content can seem completely different depending on the container. Visitors will be naturally drawn into the space and become open to sharing the experience. Symposia, which is intellectual without being pretentious, is a multipurpose rental space that could only have been provided by AXIS, an organization that has long espoused the importance of architectural space. Please feel free to make inquiries.

A lecture at Symposia by poet Arthur Binard.

From the exhibition A 1/9-Scale Microcosm by scratch modeler Hirotaka Takanashi.

Exterior of the unenclosed Symposia gallery encircled by glass during the exhibition A 1/9-Scale Microcosm.

Symposia is the plural of symposium. Excellent for parties and other such events.

Rental fee: One day (8:00 – 20:00) – ¥180,000 / One hour – ¥20,000
We also offer special prices for specific AM or PM hours. In addition, we also offer a special price if the rental period is one week or more.

Please do not hesitate to check with us concerning our schedule, tentative reservations, and layouts.

Contact: Naito, Sano, Oomi, Information Planning Group, AXIS Inc.
Tel. +81 3 5575-8655
Fax. +81 3 3583-0199

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