LIVING & DESIGN 2012 —Complete renewal of event format and venue


LIVING & DESIGN will be held this year again from October 24 to 26. The event, which proposes “stylish living” based on the theme “renovation,” will be even more accessible this year as the venue will be moved to Grand Cube Osaka in the city center. The faces of its main players including producer Toshiyuki Kita and creative director Yoshihiko Mamiya are the same as past years.

Running committee chair Kita says, “Our aim with this trade fair is to retrieve the stylish living we once had.”

At a meeting to explain the gist of the event, Kita, who is also chairman of the running committee, expressed his enthusiasm saying he wanted to revitalize the stagnant furniture industry and the field of traditional crafts. The Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry that became a new member of the committee responded that the proposals for living at LIVING & DESIGN are in line with the policy of the bureau that promotes making things based more on human sensibilities, and said it wants to join the endeavor to help revitalize the Japanese economy from Kansai, although the domestic financia.

This year’s venue Grand Cube Osaka.

In the main venue Grand Cube Osaka, nearly 100 exhibit areas with B2B as the main exhibition will be laid out in the 2,600m2 space. The special exhibitions will be held separately in the City venue that uses the city center space, and while the main venue is held for three days, the City venue will be held for an extended nine days (October 20 to 28) with a variety of events that will also attract the general public. (Text by Masahiro Kamijyo, editorial staff)

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