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Cover interveiw: Jun Rekimoto
Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo / Deputy Director, Sony Computer Science Laboratories
Ever since the latter ‘90s, Jun Rekimoto has been attempting to link the digital and physical worlds through real world user interfaces. His initiative can also be seen as an experiment in how far augmented embodiment can be taken using the latest technology. Rekimoto is an advocate of the concept of the augmented human (AH), an idea that transcends augmented reality (AR). We visited his lab to find out more.

Feature: Designers talk about sports
Here we introduce designers who engage in sports not only as a pastime, but sometimes with great dedication. We examine the relationship between sports and creativity and explore how an engagement in sports that goes far beyond a leisurely pursuit is linked to daily creative behavior.

Traditional craft forms: Nail clippers 
The cutting ability of these nail clippers is extraordinary. When the tips of the stainless steel blade clasp a fingernail, they clip it off easily without your having to apply any effort whatsoever. At that moment, you can hear a low clipping sound. Just as the craftsmanship of a Dunhill lighter is conveyed through the sound it makes, the pleasant sound of these nail clippers testifies to the careful work that goes into each and every detail. I visited SUWADA Blacksmith Works Inc. to find out how its nipper-type nail clipper is manufactured.

Opinion: Eric Ries ,entrepreneur and author
“Every beautiful product had to go through a phase when it was unbearable”
Eric Ries is an American entrepreneur and author whose book The Lean Startup has caused quite a sensation. His methodology concerning how to create more rapidly the products and services demanded by the times is receiving a lot of attention from people across a wide variety of fields. What is at the essence of his ideas that overturn the received wisdom?

Topics: Aldo Bakker’s design process─Seeking the perfect form
Aldo Bakker is becoming recognized for his original stance in the Netherlands, where design that values concept has long been mainstream. Bakker, who held a solo exhibition of his representative works in Kyoto, spoke about the intentions behind his activity and the core of his creativity.

Topics: Senior Design Factory founded in Zurich
There is an NPO called Senior Design Factory in Zurich, Switzerland. The aim of this organization is to use design to fill the generation gap between the old and the young. As Japan transforms into a super-aging society faster than any other country in the world, what can we learn from Senior Design Factory? I talked to one of its founders Benjamin Moser to find out.

Other topics:
Another step towards “future apploances”—BALMUDA GreenFan mini
From Design Indaba—A platform that redefines design
The front lines of Thai interior design
Royal College of Arts Sports Innovation Challenge
AXIS Gallery & Symposia Graduation Exhibition Report

Other series:
The Prototype Takara Tomy Arts “Walking by light”
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Masaaki Hiromuras Junglin “Beautiful women and beaty marks”
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Designers on AXIS cover 9 Richard Hutten

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The Prototype Archive 9 Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo  Display of Sunlight through the Leaves (2006 -)

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