Theme—Campus: More than just notebooks!

Acceptance of applications for entering KOKUYO Design Award has begun (apply by June 29). The theme this year is “Campus: More than just notebooks!” Although Campus is a notebook brand that has built a tradition since it first hit the market in 1975, this year KOKUYO is seeking ideas for “More than just notebooks!” In an endeavor to reconstruct the Campus brand to include not only notebooks, but a wide range of stationery, study furniture, and interior spaces designed to support the learning process, KOKUYO is seeking ideas for tools other than just notebooks. Needless to say, KOKUYO is interested in commercializing viable proposals. The screening committee will be the same as last year and comprises Yōko Kawashima, Gwenael Nicolas, Kashiwa Satō, and Kinya Tagawa.

Grand Prize of 2011, Roll Table by Kobe Isho Sorenjo

This year, rather than proposals that pursue the convenience and efficiency of existing products, KOKUYO is looking for innovative ideas that will stimulate the user’s learning awareness and help it grow. Even if a product is not necessarily convenient, there must be cases in which it leads to learning precisely because it requires the user to make an effort. Moreover, the product target is not limited to children or students. In this age, all generations from infants to the retired elderly are learning, and the place of learning is not limited to the school either. Even at home, consciousness of various learning environments—such as studying in the living room with family members—is changing drastically. In light of this, KOKUYO believes it’s not only necessary to create concepts stemming from product categories including notebooks, erasers and desks; inspiration must also be taken from scenes related closely to the users’ daily lives.

One of the second prizes of 2011, Campus Mist Pad by AUN2H4.

This year we look forward to ideas that are filled with creative ideas, even more so than last year. Please visit for entry application details.

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