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Launched in 2004 by Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro, Torafu Architects participated in 12 exhibits and talks in design events in Tokyo in the fall of 2011, a testament to the popularity of their work which ranges from architecture to interiors, product design, and stage art. What exactly is their “architectural thought” on which they base such work?

Feature Taking up the challenge of creating articles for daily living
Articles for daily living tend to be seen as commonplace items that can be found anywhere. Depending on the circumstances, they are all lumped together as daily sundries, no matter what the application or category. Precisely for this reason there is room for the role of designers. Here we introduce various challenges to create articles for daily living that do not fall under existing frameworks.

Traditioal craft forms Soap bars
There are many types of soap bars, from those that can be made in several hours to those that take several weeks depending on the material and manufacturing method. Among them, the traditional type that is cooked up in a pot gives off a somewhat earthy, nostalgic feel. Although soap is a consumable item, a process in which the human eye and hand determine the quality of the product still remains at the manufacturer I visited.

Opinion Christian Sautter, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Employment, Economic Development, and International Attractiveness
Cultural industries perform an important role in the flourishing of the nation, whatever the era
From 1999 to 2000, Christian Sautter served as France’s Minister for Economics, Finance, and Industry. Today he is Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Employment, Economic Development, and International Attractiveness. Praised as a highly competent official, Christian Sautter is employing his detailed expertise in the promotion of creative clusters and the tourism industry, and is contributing to the sustainable development of the vibrant city of Paris.

Topics ExperimentaDesign 2011 Report—The intent behind the “useless”
As concern for Portugal’s economic situation deepens, the content comprising lectures, discussions, and exhibitions was substantial, even though the scale was modest compared with other years. Here we introduce discussions on the biennial’s theme “useless” and works by Fernando Brzio, who held a solo exhibition in the biennial.

Topics Bundeswehr Military History Museum redesigned by Daniel Libeskind
The German Armed Forces boldly carried out a renovation project of the Bundeswehr Military History Museum in Dresden that took ten years from its conception and cost the huge sum of 62 million euros. Daniel Libeskind did the design of the extension. Combining his symbolic wedge-shaped architecture and an unprecedented exhibit concept, Libeskind created an archetype of the military museum for the 21st century.

Topics An ideal Mincho font for the 21st century—AXIS Mincho
In September, 2011, AXIS Magazine celebrated the 30th anniversary of its inaugural issue, and to commemorate that occasion developed a new font called AXIS Mincho dedicated to the magazine. I asked type designer Isao Suzuki and the magazines art director Mitsuhiro Miyazaki about what they were trying to achieve in its development.

Topics’s challenge—Nutring new leaders to help alleviate poverty
World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 and Service Design
The Cabinetmaker’ Autumn Exhibition
Kokuyo Design Award 2011 Report
POST 3.11—What design can do from now

The Prototype Citizen Water Tiem
Blinking Memory Spoon to measure time
Masaaki Hiromura’s Junglin’ The amount of rice served in a bowl reflects the person’s status
Life in Tokyo with civil engineering Aiming to become a fashionable towm
A wealth of books and reading Naoto Fukasawa/Kinya Tagawa/Takashi Ashitomi etc.

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The Prototype Archive 9 Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo  Display of Sunlight through the Leaves (2006 -)

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