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Cover interview: Makoto Umebara
Perhaps we can call him an “unusual” designer. Working mainly on projects from his home base of Kochi Prefecture, Umebara is involved exclusively in rural primary industries and pays absolutely no attention to large cities and urban areas. His key formula is “primary industry x design = scenery.” In the hands of Umebara, industries on the brink of collapse become revitalized. He is one of the designers who interpret design in the broadest sense and put it into action.

Feaure: Dealing with waste today
Human beings have become a lot more sensitive to throwing things away in the 21st century. Nevertheless, garbage from the home, as well as industrial waste generated by companies in the course of their enterprises, is said to have no value, and continues to be discarded in massive amounts on a daily basis. How can design become involved in this situation for the better?

Toraditional Craft Forms 3.11 special edition: “Exploring the spirit of Making Things”
“Our shipyard and office buildings were swept away and destroyed in an instant by the tsunami, but our conviction and skills in making things have not been swept away. To hand down our shipbuilding skills to our sons, we are determined to rebuild and reopen our shipyard.”
This is the message Kazushi Takahashi of Takahashi Kogyo, based in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, wrote on the company’s website after the disastrous earthquake. Inspired by these words, I payed a visit in late May to artisans who suffered tremendous damages in the recent disaster.

Opinion: Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop
“It’s not about building your stuff, but building your dreams”
TechShop was founded in 2006 when former corporate science advisor Jim Newton decided he wanted a place to work on his own projects. Since then, various individuals with a passion for making things have gathered there to give birth to a diversity of projects and products. Today, TechShop spreads branches to seven cities in the US. We talked with CEO Mark Hatch about the secret to the company’s success.

Topics: Dissecting cookery with science—An incomparable new cookbook by a former Microsoft CTO
A rare cookbook called Modernist Cuisine has hit the shelves. It comprises a total of five volumes, and weighs 18 kilograms. However, it differs from other examples in the genre in so many ways that it’s perhaps not quite right to call it a cookbook.

Topic: Advancements in Gestural Interaction—Recompose by MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group
MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group has made headway in the development of a new interface. Its name is Recompose. The device utilizes gestural input to control an actuated surface, and can be considered one step closer to technology that employs gestures to manipulate objects remotely.

Topics: A touchstone towards mass-production in 2013 SIM-Drive advance development model No.1─EV SIM-LEI
SIM-Drive, a venture enterprise that originated from Keio University, has made a great leap towards the mass-production of an electric vehicle equipped with some unique technology. The new SIM-LEI prototype realizes a traveling distance on a single battery charge that is nearly twice what today’s commercially available EV models are capable of. In addition to this superb performance, the design emanates extreme individuality.

Other topics
Anthoropology of Design─Three works of Formafantasma
Editions in Craft─Creating a path of for development of crafts
La Maison 8, the flagship store of Longchamp etc.

Other series
The Prototype Oki and The University of Tokyo’s RCAST “Atmos Projector” 
Blinking Memory “Eye drops and guns”
The Civil Engineering of Ethics “Everybody’s ethics and everybody’s civil engineering”
Doing industry-academia collaborations right “Musashino Art University and Wanar Bros. Consumer Products”
Creators’ Work and Soul Jaime Moreno / Naho Okamoto etc.

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