The 14th Japan Media Arts Festival


The 14th Japan Media Arts Festival started in The National Art Center, Tokyo (until February 13). This festival is an event held every year as a way to provide an opportunity to award and appreciate superior media artworks in the four categories of art, entertainment, animation and manga. And the most unique point of this event is that vitsitors can experience many of those works by themselves.

The Grand prize winner of Art Division is Cycloid-E by Michel Decosterd and Andre Decosterd (Cod.Act). A sculpture with five horizontally connected tubes which spin and emit sounds from a speaker on the tip.

You can see the Cycloid-E in the Tokyo Midtown Galeria until February 11, because this work is too big to be exhibited in The National Art Center, Tokyo,

Many visitors can enjoy some of works such as e-Sports Ground by Hiroshi Inukai. This makes use of virtual stage measuring approximately 3 x 3 meters area, and allow players to play intuitively using their actual bodies. See below;

Other than these, you can see 171 selected works, and symposium and workshops will be held every day. Concerning the details, please visit the official site.

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