The 2009 [13th] Japan Media Arts Festiva


The 2009 [13th] Japan Media Arts Festival is held until February 14th at The National Art Center, Tokyo.

The exhibition will include approximately 180 award-winning works and jury-recommended works of art, animations, films, games, web works, manga and others selected from among 2,592 entries from 54 nations and regions. Apart from many works that audiences can actually touch and experience, there will be various symposia where award-winners and jury members participate as well as presentations in which artists from Japan and abroad talk about their own works.

Here we introduce some art works which we were attracted. The above is Excellence prize winner of Art Division,”Nemo Observatorium” by Lawrence Malstaf. White partials are blown around in a big transparent cylinder… Anyway you should experience it by yourself. The below is the movie from inside of the cylinder.

This is Jury Recommended Work of Art Division, “Texmoca” by Masato Sekine and Kyoko Kuroda. The flow of the smoke generated from a number of regularly arranged heaters gently forms a geometrical pattern.

Also this is Jury Recommended Work of Art Division, “Box2″ by Nika Oblak and Primoz Nova.

This is Jury Recommended Work of Art Division, “Bearing Glocken II” by Kohske Kawase. It is a musical instrument that automatically emulates a glockenspiel using steel ball bearings.

And Excellence prize winner of Art Division, “Braun Tube Jazz Band” by Ei Wada. Setting up the same number of tube televisions and PC-controlled video decks correspond to the number of note in a musical scale to create a set of gamelan percussion instruments. Tapping TV tubes produces primitive and cosmic electrical music.

You can see more unique works in the exhibition.

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