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Designers on AXIS cover 8 Philippe Starck


Photos by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

Photos by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

Philippe Starck came to our studio with bone (imitation, of course). We featured him in AXIS vol. 77 (1999 January / February).

He seemed easygoing at first, but when our photo shooting began, he fixed his eyes on the camera as if he sent some massages through the camera lens.


He often said “Desing is dead,” and proposed “no design.” He also said that his works were not the results of his design, but that they were tools to send his message.

“The basis of my work has always been the idea of bringing quality items to as many people as possible.”

“The difference between me and other designers is that I am not a designer. That I make many products is not simply because they are important as products. It’s because they are for me a tool to send a massage.”

“I was never a designer, and I’m not one now, I’m trying to be a citizen. The word Creator is not bad. Firstly, I think there are few people who are worthy of the label. I’d like to be a citizen and a creator.”

Phillippe Starck was born in Paris, France in 1949. He studied at Notre Dame de Sainte Croix, Neuilly, and at Ecole Nissim de Camondo, Paris. In 1979 he established Starck Product. He renovated the Appartement priv* du Palais de l’Elysee in France, did the Cafe Costes in Paris, plus many works in Japan, such as the Restaurant Manin and Asahi Beer Super Dry Building. He is known for his versatile work, which includes toothbrushes, chairs, lighting fixtures, glasses, hotels, offices, restaurants, scooters, and televisions.

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designers on AXIS cover

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