The Prototype Archive 7 Nissan IR Commander (2005)


Photos by Go Tomizawa

Photos by Go Tomizawa

An interface study that makes masterful use of leading-edge sensor technology in order to realize a switchless interior design. The system realizes intuitive control (in which IR sensors read the movement of the hands and fingers) so that drivers do not have to remove their hands from the steering wheel in order to control audio or access the minimum necessary IT (such as searching for various kinds of information) while driving.


The theme was how to provide a human-centered environment for the diverse information interfaces found in automobiles. In order to realize an ideal interface and comfortable interior environment, designers aimed for a switchless interface, a new approach to control that does not involve direct contact.


It’s a simple control system that employs hand motions that everyone knows from experience; for example, by waving four fingers of your hand up and down (while keeping a grip on the wheel with your thumb) you can raise or lower the volume of the audio system. The fact it’s switchless makes new interior layouts possible, which could have a great impact on interior design.
(from AXIS vol. 123)


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