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Photos by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

Photos by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

He always look at us through glass with gentle eyes. We featured product designer Bill Moggridge who is co-founder of IDEO in AXIS vol. 76 (1998 November / December).


He is one of the first to introduce the concept “Interaction Design.” And also he mentioned about “Experience Design” earlier than anyone else.

“Yes. We have a saying, ‘Design the whole experience,’ which is the idea of designing the user’s entire experience. “

“It’s design geared to the five senses. Human beings experience products, services, and space through each of the five senses. While we may initially judge a thing beautiful or not through our sense of sight, we sometimes shut our eyes and listen more carefully to sound, or try to feel something in a more subtle manner.”

“We often say, ‘Beauty with a smile.’ Take having a cup of tea for example. First you look to see if the shape of the cup is beautiful and if the tea inside swirls elegantly. Next, as you lift the cup and bring it to your mouth you can detect the tea’s fragrance. You take a sip. When you return the cup to the saucer there is a pleasing sound. It is only after going through each of these experiences, from beginning to end, that you appreciate the tea for the first time. This is the experience, and if we can successfully design it we can satisfy the userムin other words we can get a smile.”

“We’d like to go on designing a variety of daily living possibilities for people to enjoy. This means designing services and spaces as well as products. To do that we must design the goods used by people in their daily lives, design the way in which they receive services, and even design spaces in which we can interact with those goods and services.”

In 2006, he published a great book Designing Interactions in which he researched about the history of Interaction Design thoroughly. You should read it.


Bill Moggridge was born in London, England in 1943. He established ID TWO in London in 1969 and went right to work as a design consultant. In 1979 he created a second base of operations in the San Francisco Bay Area and began consulting services for businesses in Asia and North America. In 1991 he merged with two other companies and founded IDEO. At present he is in charge of international business and design strategy. He is also passionately involved with design.

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