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We had the great honor of inviting Madam Andrée Putman as the first lady for our cover interview.  We featured her in our vol. 74.

In 60s she worked as a design journalist, and met together with masters such as Giacometti or Picasso and many creators. And at the late of 70s she started her own creation. 

Photo by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

Photo by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

In our interview with her, she talked very softly. But we could find her strong will to find her own truth. 

Rather than thinking about a space as whole, I try to imbue it with flexibility. I dont think the respective functions of a space and think about enabling it to undergo a variety of changes, according to season or time.

I think it s necessary that we re-examine the hundreds of millions of things already in the world. We should take another look at things like cupsthe creator of which, we dont know and ask exactly why millions of people find them necessary. 


Andrée Putman was born in Paris, France. In 1978 she founded Ecart International and created reproductions of Eileen Grays works. Her design domain is broad from interior, furniture, fabric and dining ware. You can see her works and concepts in the official web site.  

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