Who will host the 2016 Olympic Games?



Now the 2016 Olympic Games is under the political situation. No, Olympic Games is always political. 

From the four candidate cities including Tokyo, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, and Madrid, the hosting city will be announced in October.

According to the opinion poll by IOC in 2008, the approval rating by Tokyo citizens for 2016 Tokyo Olympics was 59%, and it was much lower than the rivals. Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara complained why people were so indifferent to the Olympics.

However, early this year, the approval rating became 70.2%.  Maybe this is because of the serious recession. In Tokyo, people want something to stimulate the economy. People are now tired as seen the above photo (laughs).

At the subway station

At the subway station

In AXIS vol. 136, we made the feature  The relationship between the city and Olympics and verified how Olympics changed the cities.

In the applicant files to IOC, every candidate city submitted keywords such as ecology, compact, and legacy etc. And it is hard to find the deep reasons to select one of those cities except Rio de Janeiro, which is trying to host the first Olympic Games in South America. 

At the pavilion, Tokyo Big Site

At the pavilion, Tokyo Big Site


The main stadium site in Tokyo

The main stadium site in Tokyo

Anyway we will keep watching the Olympic matter from the viewpoint of design.



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