The Prototype Archive 2  Hitachi IKESU (2005)


Photo by Makoto Fujii

Photo by Makoto Fujii

Prototypes for a content viewing system fish tank. The photo shows a demonstration of a music player.

Incorporating natural human behavior into design is effective in an age where large volumes of music are stored as digital data. Music files flow left to right on the screen as if swimming. You can catch them with a pen and play them by releasing them into the middle of a large circle (fish tank) in the center of the screen. The songs that have swum there mingle in the circle and prevent you from getting bored with them. Its also possible to search according to multiple search conditions. The relevant songs being drawn into the search fish tank look like fish swarming to feed.

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The Prototype Archive

The Prototype Archive 9 Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo  Display of Sunlight through the Leaves (2006 -)

The book review leads to creation

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