Designers on AXIS cover 

Designers on AXIS cover 2 Marcello Gandini


Photo by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

Photo by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

AXIS magazine has been featuring designers, architects and creators in the cover and cover interview since vol. 70 (December 1997). We will introduce those designers portraits one by one under the title Designers on AXIS cover.

In AXIS vol. 71 (February 1998), we featured the master car designer, Marcello Gandini.

He designed many famous cars including Lamborghini Countach and Lancia Stratos, and his innovative design has influenced car designers all over the world.


Photo by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

Here, we pick up some impressive comments from our interview with Mr. Gandini.

“I love anything that runs and moves. Designing things that move and things that don’t are two completely different activities. That’s because form changes with motion. That’s why I try to visualize the car running when I design it.”

“I believe there is a real need for compacts. Large cars are not necessary in the city. Though everyone knows that, they go shopping in big cars (laughs)!”

“It’s hard to be adventurous since corporations can’t afford slip-ups in this day and age.”


Marcello Gandini was born in Italy in 1938. After beginning his carrier as a freelance designer, he became chief designer for Bertone and designed a number of famous cars including the Lamborghini Miura.” Among these, the wedge-shaped body of  the Autobianchi Runabout 1970 gave an intense impression, and since then his design concept, typified by the “super car.” has had a big influence on world car design. After going freelance again in 198, he has done design work on many types of cars such as Citroen BX, Lamborghini Diablo, and Maserati Ghibli.

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