Designers on AXIS cover 

Designers on AXIS cover 1  Ettore Sottsass


Photo by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

Photo by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

AXIS magazine has been featuring designers, architects and creators in the cover and cover interview since vol. 70 (December 1997).

We will introduce those designers portraits one by one under the title Designers on AXIS cover.

The first designer, whom we featured on the vol. 70 cover, is the late master designer, Ettore Sottsass.

Photo by Yoshiaki Tsutsui

Photo by Yoshiaki Tsutsui


At the beginning of this cover series we also took photos of designers’ hands. We thought that designers’ creativity would appear on their hands.

Here, we pick up some impressive comments from our interview with Mr. Sottsass.

Because I grew up in the mountains, I have an unusual interest in weight. Mountains are heavy. So, weight is very important for my design.

I have gradually become completely uninvolved with the design of industrial products. The main reason is a personal reaction against industrial culture. It is a culture of consumptionconsuming goods by spending money. Id like to negate this culture.

Life is nonsense, that is what I think. For example, you may feel satisfied after buying a car, or after you go and entertain yourself at a disco.


Ettore Sottsass was born in 1917 in Austria. He graduated from the Polytechnic University of Turin. In 1947, He established an office for architecture and design in Milan. In 1958, he became an design consultant for Olivetti, contributing to the firms advanced electronics strategies. In 1981, He formed an avant-garde design group Memphis with designers such as Andrea Branzi and Michele De Lucchi. In the same year he also established Sottsass Associates. He continued to be active in a wide range of fields in the design world. And he passed away on December 31, 2007. It is said that he was working up till three days before his passing.


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