AXIS Magazine 

AXIS vol. 139 / June 2009



Cover Interview / Masayo Ave, architect and designer

It has been 19 years since Masayo Ave based in Europe as an active designer. “I’m an unlicensed driver in product design, since my background is architecture.” Despite this humble self image, requests for her design workshop are unending and she is pouring effort to establish a new international Master’s program in industrial design as professor of Estonian Academy of Arts. We talked with her about design education and the power of the imagination.



Feature: Design as adrenalin

Take a look around and you’ll see nothing but statements deploring the state of the world today. The force that will liberate us from that situation is design itself. Once, there were countries that realized economic revitalization through promoting “creativity,” and there are cases where tottering companies have become reborn thanks to design.In this feature we introduce cases where design or design thought functions as a kind of adrenalin that invigorates society and changes it in a positive direction. Although it’s “for society,” it’s not done on a volunteer basis. These are cases with the potential to create new business.

Future of Money by RCA and Intel, Nina Tolstrup, The Raumlaborberlin, TPHSwiss’s SwissCell etc.



Opinion: Valerie Casey, Founder of Designers Accord



Traditional Craft Forms “Stencils” 

The Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martins / Design Indaba 2009 in South Africa / Finland’s Fennia Prize etc.

James Dyson on  being an one of his favorite designers   / The Prototype “Universal testing machines AG-XXX by Shimadzu”
How designers learn a second language “Astrid Klein” etc.

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